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jeni4 CO, USA | Limited Availability
Skillsanalysis, computer programming, Painting, research., sculpture, written and oral communications
Interestsart, Biology, languages, Philosophy, Psychology, travel.

Lewis American | Substantial Availability
Skillsanalysis, CMS, design, fiction, history, humor, literature, typography, Writing
Interestscomedy, creativity, humor, information dissemination, science fiction, The Renaissance

pankaj_sapkal India | Limited Availability
SkillsIndustrial DesignProduct designGraphic Design and BrandingTechnology ApplicationsStrategyIdeationSocial Network AnalysisCommunit
InterestsProduct DesignGraphic DesignDigital ArtCommunities and Community DesignPortable devicesTechnologyRural DevelopmentAppropriate Te

rharang California, USA | Limited Availability
Skillsbio-pharmaceutical process development, biochemistry, computational fluid dynamics, design of experiments, model fitting and evaluation, probability theory, protein/nucleic acid interactions, sampling theory, spectral analysis, statistics, stochastic processes, time series analysis, United States cGMP regulations
Interestscryptography, environmental issues, pharmaceutical industry, privacy issues, process development, spatial statistics, sustainable business

Showing results 1-4 of 4

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