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I'm a student of the universe - my formal education ended after a few months of college, but I continue to study in my fields of interest. My hope is that I may somehow better humanity, or at the minimum hold back the forces in the opposite direction.

AvailabilitySubstantial: I would like to provide as much assistance as possible. Any Cerbumi.org member is encouraged to send me correspondence and ask for my advice, and I would like to learn about projects that match my interests.
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LocationPacific Grove, California, USA
Skillscomputers, electronics, mathematics, problem solving, x86
Interestsaerogel, algae, ethics, high voltage, magnetic resonate imaging, mathematics, physics, politics, psychology, radar, solar power, sonar, x86
Member SinceFebruary 5th, 2007
Last LoginFebruary 5th, 2007

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